Smaller? Maybe!!

It is so hard to know when you are getting smaller during weight loss. I know this sounds odd, shouldn’t you know? Aren’t your clothes fitting differently? Don’t you see it in the mirror? The answer is no! Seriously though, I am way too close to what is going on, so it should be no … Continue reading

Poor Decisions

Alright, time to get real–I worked out once last week. Blargh to that. And then I thought to myself “Hey let’s just go hog wild and eat sweets!!” Ohhh yeah. I had a ball. I want to share how I am getting through this without spiraling into the guilt/shame spiral that has happened to me in the … Continue reading

Clothing #Win!

Went shopping for sweaters on Monday. I was in Ontario and it was cold. Having lived in Houston now for almost a year and a half, I am simply not used to -10 degrees celcius!! Further, I no longer own long sleeved sweaters. I own short sleeved ones for Houston “winters”, and thus was cold for … Continue reading


I don’t know whether this is me becoming an old woman (I am almost 35 people!), or if I have been eating and drinking healthy enough that drinking is just something my body cannot tolerate. Because it can’t. I tested the waters Sunday night by having a few delicious Salted Karamel Martini’s and a glass of wine. … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 20

Today was my first day at work from vacation and I could blame it on that for the fact that I didn’t exercise today, but I won’t. It’s a whole different level of challenging to spend quality time with your family, work and exercise. I got up this morning and made breakfast for myself and … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 18 & 19

Before getting into what has happened in the last two days, I want to share the following picture my husband took of my a few days ago. I was trying on hats for fun and in this picture you can really tell the difference in my face that I am getting smaller. My friend Hollie … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 17

Today was another really great day!! Lots of exercise! Good food choices! Went to my 8:30am butt toning class and worked extra hard in the cardio portions of the workout. I got super sweaty!! Monica had us attach an resistance band to my legs and we did a lot of resistance squatting and side jogging. … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 15

Hello readers!! Today I was still feeling under the weather, but not as bad as yesterday. Thus, I did some at home yoga. I was surprised how, this time, I started to sweat during it. I wonder why I didn’t the first time. Maybe my breathing and poses were better this time because I wasn’t … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 13

Today was a good day! All around!! Got up early (my body woke me up at 7am even though I am on vacation) and I caught up on a few tv shows. Then I got my husband up and we worked out together–we shared my 10 pound weights and the step. We did walking lunges … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 10 & 11

I am going to be honest, yesterday was a fail. After my very bad day on Tuesday I went into work for 8am and didn’t get home till 8pm. I didn’t workout. I don’t feel horribly guilty, my work needed me for that day and I knew I was going to get right back to … Continue reading