Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Today started off pretty great! I got to sleep in a little (hello day off!), did some work around the house and then went to my boot camp at 11:30am for something outside my box: Latin Spice dancing. Let me tell you how I am not the dancing type. I don’t have rhythm. I don’t … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 2

Hello hello! Today was spot-on! I got up at 7:30am (my bed was very into me this morning, wouldn’t let me up at my 7am alarm, boo hissss!!!). Got to my 8:30am boot camp right on time and did 45 minutes of solid cardio. I was glad for that because my thigh muscles are pretty darn … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day One

Alright, gentle readers, today I started my challenge. I already knew what my workout was going to be–I go to boot camp on Monday nights and get my butt handed to me by my trainer Jana. Seriously guys, she is super hardkore–her workout on Saturday had Robert puking in the bathroom!! I am not kidding! So tonight … Continue reading

New Focus

I want to thank some people for their comments over twitter about my latest blog. Your comments rang true–I really can be too hard on myself. I need to take myself a little less seriously and to accept that mishaps are going to happen, even with the best of intentions. I work in a job … Continue reading

Day 7 Check-In

Sorry check in yesterday, I closed and came home and basically went straight to bed. The last two days I have been struggling a little bit in the sense that I am wanting different food. So I probably should have started to diversify my meals at this point, but I got through! Today thought I … Continue reading

Day 5 Check-In

Today my mind wasn’t the enemy, which was a huge relief! I got up and went to my boot camp, it was a specialty class that focuses on my legs and butt. It was a great class, lead by Monica. Afterwards I talked with Shellie, one of the owners of the boot camp, regarding my … Continue reading

Yesterday’s Workout

On Saturday’s my boot camp has a “Power Boot Camp” class that runs from 8am to 9:15am. It is normally run by Monica but she was away this week so Sean, the Dolvett look-a-like was running it. I have had a few classes with this man and he is a killer. He has routines that … Continue reading


Today I got up and went to boot camp and it was kick boxing. Over the weekend I went to Sports Academy and bought some boxing gloves so that I wouldn’t have to put on communal ones like I did last week. I can only kind of describe the horrid smell those gloves. Let’s just say … Continue reading