The Honesty Post

Alright it’s time to get real, shake off the sugar-coating. I had a rough summer where I was injured and I went back to sugar. I gained some weight back. I didn’t workout much and lost some of my conditioning. I also got sad about it. But that sadness turned into resolve when I saw … Continue reading

Busy and Tired

This has been a long week for me. I only went to CrossFit two times because I was either booked or exhausted. What have I been doing? I was being cross-trained at work, I had 2 chiropractic appointments and one night I came home and napped until 7pm. My brain has been busy, so my … Continue reading

Birthday Shinanigans

I need to learn to celebrate my birthday without using food as the main way I do it. I went all out on Saturday night, went to┬áVic & Anthony’s Steakhouse with my amazing husband. I had 2 martini’s, filet mignon, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and chocolate cake. I was not able to eat it all … Continue reading