First Cold of the Season

Got knocked on my ass this week! After a wonderful and fun (and completely non-Paleo) weekend in New Orleans, I came down with a slow moving but evil cold. At first I thought I would go workout on Tuesday, but as the day progressed I started feeling worse and worse. I decided to sleep instead … Continue reading

Hangover Blues

Oh gentle readers I did something I regret–I drank like a sailor on Saturday night. I also am a light-weight, so the amount that I drank hit me harder than I have been hit in recent history. I didn’t get sick that night, but I sure did say some funny things that my husband made … Continue reading


I woke up today feeling fine. Just fine.┬áThen I ate my breakfast and my stomach started to get rumbly. As the day progressed though, my body got angrier and angrier and I was unable to keep anything I was eating in me. Just ridiculous. It frustrates me because this is one of the days I … Continue reading