Day 1 Check-In

First day Whole 30. I think I did super well!! Especially considering I might hae stayed up later than I should have playing Cards Against Humanity. I woke up at 6:15am because I wanted to be able to arm up and sit at the table to eat my first meal. It is a big thing … Continue reading

Prosciutto Wrapped Frittata Muffin Recipe

Another recipe from my NomNomPaleo app! I was worried about this as I have only had prosciutto in a pasta recipe, so I wasn’t sure how it would fare being the main attraction in an egg recipe. But it blooms delightfully in this recipe, controlling the taste of the frittata, but not over-powering it. Ingredients: … Continue reading

My Box is Trying to Kill Me!

I kid, I kid, my box didn’t intend for my injuries this week, right?? But in all seriousness, I did some intense workouts this week and the one on Monday had me doing 100 burpees plus doing 3 overhead presses every minute on the minute. That’s a lot of overhead presses once you hit minute … Continue reading