Whole30 {60}: Home stretch

Seven days left with the first part of my Whole30! As you may be aware I plan on doing this for 60 days, just so I can really develop a solid relationship with sugar. And by solid relationship, I mean a relationship where I control my thoughts and actions. That being said I am approaching … Continue reading

Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili

I went looking for a new recipe on the weekend because I needed something different. Thanks to PaleOMG, I found a delightful recipe, that I modified slightly, as I dislike avocados. It’s who I am, ok??? Avocado’s are slimy and gross. I gag on them. It’s never going to change. Ingredients: 2 pound pork roast … Continue reading

Life After Whole30

Things have been busy at work, but I have been able to increase the amount of times I am going to Pearland CrossFit to 4 times a week now. I even got off my ass and went 2 Saturday’s in a row! What! My workout are feeling stronger and it’s making me pretty happy! I … Continue reading

Whole30: FINISHED!

If I were to sum up what has happened in the past 30 days, some people will think I have been brainwashed. Gullible. Or that I am lying. How can you give up so many of the foods you love and actually enjoy what you eat and who you are turning into? No sugar? No dairy? No … Continue reading

Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe

I didn’t love the taste of the crust in this recipe but others might enjoy this, so I am going to post it. Plus I took some impressive pictures of the process, and you know how I am an attention whore, so any excuse to post them, am I right? Thanks to The Healthy Foodie for … Continue reading

Whole30: Re-Introduction Plan

Gotta be prepared, right? And since I am not one to let something important slide, I have a plan for this week. I will be mainly compliant to Whole30 for the week and just introduce certain foods on specific days. I am going to follow the recommendations and start with dairy. Day 31 {Wednesday}:Dairy Breakfast: Omelette … Continue reading