Checking In

So I reactivated my online food diary at My Fitness Pal {I cannot believe I remember the password! Go brain!!} and logged my food today. Go me!! Today the cabinets were cleaned out, so there was nothing to eat but real food. I also made a turkey shepherds pie, which is more than I normally … Continue reading

Fascinating Findings

This morning I woke up and did something I was dreading—I measured myself. After 2 weeks of sugar craziness, I was worried about how much I had increased in size {my pants were fitting a wee bit more snug}. I am happy to report that I only went up 2.5 inches overall. My chest and … Continue reading


I have almost been at an epic weight for almost 8 weeks. My weight has not budged for the entire time to get me to this weight, the lowest I will have been since I was a teen. So I made a decision–I broke up with the scale. It’s not going to be for forever, I … Continue reading