Girls Week!

Late posting this–last week was girls week at the box. I was able to go 2 days. My hip was feeling better {thanks hot yoga and stretching and chiro!!} but I could still fee it in my workouts. That being said I wasn’t going heavy in my weights and I wasn’t trying to win at … Continue reading

HappyCrossFit Anniversary to ME!

A year ago, June 3rd 2013, I transitioned to regular crossfit classes! And what a year it has been! I have learned many things in the past year–my limits, how to do complex barbell movements and just how strong I really am. I love that fact that I transitioned to this, I feel like I … Continue reading

Girls Week

I almost named this post with a curse word, but I played nice. This week my box decided to lay down the gauntlet: make 4 of the 5 workouts “Girl” workouts. New to crossfit? Well, strap yourself in because these girls pull no punches and take no prisoners! Technically, these workouts are called “Benchmark WODs” … Continue reading