Planning Ahead

This is Robert’s birthday weekend, and his big request for eating out has been to go to Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant that has literally no item its menu that are under 15 points. Instead of beating myself up for this scenario, I have decided to embrace it. I am going to eat a meal that is made … Continue reading

The Power of Yogurt

I have ton confess, yogurt and I are not friends. Or, we hadn’t been for the longest time. I ate it a lot as a kid and grew to hate the taste of it. To this day I cannot eat it out of a dish. Then Yoplait came out with this frozen smoothie that contains … Continue reading

Another Pound Down!

Hello Easter weekend! Hello mini eggs!! You are tempting little beasts, I tell you! I ate them, I ate more than I probably should have (wait, yes. I definitely ate a bag of them)(and not the small bag). And then I did the crazy thing, I weighted myself. Oh and I had just started my “crime scene” week … Continue reading


I am the queen of excuses. I am becoming more and more aware of this. I have the best intentions, but then my brain kicks in with some subtle reason why I would be allowed to not follow my plan 100%. Some of them are legitimate, like when I get sick or I am pushing myself … Continue reading

Thoughts on Weight Watchers

After four days on the program I am not finding it too different from my regular eating, minus a few small changes. That being said, these small changes have made a difference, as I have had to substitute my favourite carb (potatoes) with a much healthier choice–brown rice. I had been avoiding this, honestly. I … Continue reading

First Short Term Goal Results

On December 2st, I set forth some short term goals that I wanted to use to help me through a difficult weekend of eating, while being away from my home and therefore eating out. Here is what I set before myself: To not eat anything that is off-program. I tried for the whole week and … Continue reading