HappyCrossFit Anniversary to ME!

A year ago, June 3rd 2013, I transitioned to regular crossfit classes! And what a year it has been! I have learned many things in the past year–my limits, how to do complex barbell movements and just how strong I really am. I love that fact that I transitioned to this, I feel like I … Continue reading

CrossFit Total = New PR’s

I knew going into last night’s WOD that there would be deadlifts–I had seen a picture from earlier in the day and I was excited. The deadlifts looked heavy, which could mean only one thing–finding my 1 rep max for that sweet, sweet movement! The workout was that and a bunch more–it was CrossFit Total. This … Continue reading

Personal Record Found

I might have glossed over it in my last post, but this week I found out my PR for my deadlift. Hayley and I decided to come to open gym on Tuesday night and we ambitiously wanted to see if we could find 3 PR’s (ha ha ha) but instead only found one. The reason … Continue reading