Shopping Paleo-Style

Shopping for food was easy once-upon-a-time. When i wasn’t concerned about every item that went in my mouth, aka before Paleo. It has proven to be complicated in more ways than one. First, recipes call for things I have never cooked with before: Almond flour Coconut flour Coconut cream Coconut butter Coconut sugar Coconut aminos … Continue reading

Prosciutto Wrapped Frittata Muffin Recipe

Another recipe from my NomNomPaleo app! I was worried about this as I have only had prosciutto in a pasta recipe, so I wasn’t sure how it would fare being the main attraction in an egg recipe. But it blooms delightfully in this recipe, controlling the taste of the frittata, but not over-powering it. Ingredients: … Continue reading

Crispy Smashed Chicken Recipe

I tried this recipe under the hope that it would be quick and dirty, thankfully I was correct! It was also darn tootin’ tasty! Simple and full of flavour, that is what works for me! During this process I also learned that mixing water with cling wrap creates a wild situation between yourself and the … Continue reading