Day 5 Check-In

Today my mind wasn’t the enemy, which was a huge relief! I got up and went to my boot camp, it was a specialty class that focuses on my legs and butt. It was a great class, lead by Monica. Afterwards I talked with Shellie, one of the owners of the boot camp, regarding my … Continue reading


I should have been weighed and measured before starting the cleanse, but I started it on Sunday, when I couldn’t go to my gym because I was at work. I don’t own a scale (I think owning one leads to unhealthy obsession, as I have personally witnessed many women in my life weigh themselves everyday). … Continue reading

New Pants

I have been needing new work pants for a while…they had a hole in them, the pant legs were crazy baggy and the waist was super loose. It was time. So I went to Macy’s on the weekend to see what their women’s section could offer me. I tried on several pairs of pants, three … Continue reading

Popping Out!!

So I have had the same bathing suit for the last two years, never really thought much of it. It was black and it suited my curves. Yesterday in the pool I was swimming and my suit decided that it wasn’t going to cover every part of my body anymore because it was too big. … Continue reading

A Much Needed Hug

After the weight gain yesterday (well probably last week, but the awareness of it yesterday) I was at boot camp for the second time in two days, working hard to sweat out my frustration and get back on track. Today, as we started the workout, one of the trainers, Francis, stopped me and hugged me … Continue reading


This is going to be a short post but I wanted to celebrate the fact that today, for the first time ever, I did a plank during my workout! A full plank. For the last three months I have been doing them on my knees and in my entire life I have never had a … Continue reading

Things I Miss

When you start to gain weight you start to lose parts of yourself as your skin expands. People who are thin would never understand the loss of things like you ankles, your wrist bones or collar bones. For me it got to the point where my jaw line was disappearing into my neck.  And things … Continue reading