Whole30 {60} Week 2

Last week was a good week. I had a plan for food and it all went well! I noticed this week that I have stopped thinking about my Starbucks coffee, which is a good thing. By Friday though I was finding my cravings for chocolate coming back. ANNOYING. Especially considering this was the time when … Continue reading

Whole30 The Sequel – Week 1

This Whole30 the second time around is much better mentally. It’s not comparable from the first time. I have been making most of my meals the Whole30 way since my first go around, so now I am using the second time as an excuse to try new recipes. This week I went with my old … Continue reading

Whole30: Day 18 – 20 Check-In

You know what? I don’t know where this Tiger Blood is, but I am not experiencing it. False advertising Whole 30! But I can report the following: sleeping longer, more deeply, I wake up feeling refreshed! I have a bit more energy, I am doing more around the house, I am running more, I feel … Continue reading