A Week of Ups and Downs

Last week I had a rough go when it came to working out as my shifts at work were not the norm and thus I wasn’t able to attend boot camp the way I wanted to. This week was much better for that, I have been 4 times so far, which is great! I also … Continue reading


I have almost been at an epic weight for almost 8 weeks. My weight has not budged for the entire time to get me to this weight, the lowest I will have been since I was a teen. So I made a decision–I broke up with the scale. It’s not going to be for forever, I … Continue reading

Hummus Love

Yogurt and I have become best friends, and now a new product has entered my life and I don’t think we will be able to stay away from each other. I would like to thank my current boss Catharine for this find, she brought it into work and forced me to have some. It’s hummus, … Continue reading

Popping Out!!

So I have had the same bathing suit for the last two years, never really thought much of it. It was black and it suited my curves. Yesterday in the pool I was swimming and my suit decided that it wasn’t going to cover every part of my body anymore because it was too big. … Continue reading

Hurtful Comments Suck

I recognize that my transformation and weight loss is becoming apparent to everyone around me. It invites comments everyday from people. Interesting fact–these people have only known me eight months at the most, some a lot less. But as I get smaller, as I lose more weight, it seems more apparent even when it happens … Continue reading

Inches Down!

I haven’t been measured in a while, since December in fact! So I finally got measured and it wasn’t as much as I thought I would be down, but the most impressive change since December is the amount of weight I have lost!! Here are my results: In addition to the loss in inches, which … Continue reading

The Power of Yogurt

I have ton confess, yogurt and I are not friends. Or, we hadn’t been for the longest time. I ate it a lot as a kid and grew to hate the taste of it. To this day I cannot eat it out of a dish. Then Yoplait came out with this frozen smoothie that contains … Continue reading

3 Pounds Down

Exciting news people! I got weighed at Weight Watchers yesterday and I had lost 3 pounds! I turned the corner to a new weight bracket and am at the lowest my weight has been since I was a teenager. All major, major milestones!!! I knew this day was coming and I wasn’t trying to psych … Continue reading

Mind Set

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it can apply to many areas of people’s lives. When I started this journey in January 2010 I thought to myself “at the end of this, I would be happy as a size 12 or around 170 pounds. I really don’t think my body could … Continue reading

Bye Bye Boobs

It’s kind of amazing how the week that I gain weight is the week when I start seeing differences in my body again. It started with my trainer saying something on Monday. Then the next day at work my boss said that it was getting noticeable that I was losing weight, that I was looking different. Then … Continue reading