Personal Responsibility

At my boot camp session this morning, the trainer brought up a really good point that she had done time and time before, but something this morning made it click for me. She discussed the attributes it takes to be personally responsible for yourself and your actions. Through my weight loss journey I have always … Continue reading

Protein Pancakes

I thought I would take a moment to share one of my favourite recipes that is healthy and really helps me as a snack in the morning before lunch. It’s super easy to make and takes a few minutes to cook and you can have it either fresh and hot or cold. You also have … Continue reading

Inspiration in a Picture

Don’t have much to report right now, but I found this picture on Pinterest and had to put it here. This is going to be instrumental for the next three months.


Ugh, so I hurt myself!! I did cardio too much and pulled some muscles in my hip (possibly my hip flexor). And it hurts like a son-of-a-whore to climb stairs and to sit. And I can feel pain slightly when I walk. I did this on the treadmill Tuesday, but I felt it only a … Continue reading

Hard Times

I have hit a very hard time with this weight loss project, I have a new job and my training is in Toronto. I live 45 minutes away with no traffic. Sadly I have an elderly car that would break down if I tried to make the trip everyday, plus the traffic in Toronto is horrendous, … Continue reading

Mini Break!

Went to Nikki’s to weigh-in yesterday (stayed the same) and we decided that since Robert is out, I am sick, and I will be doing a lot of eating out, I will just go in a week from now cause getting weighed when I can’t really control my diet as much is silly. Last week … Continue reading

My Arms Hurt :(

And yes, I am writing a brief blog about doing weights and how they hurt me. LOL It’s a good pain, right?? I will see results from working them out, right?? It hurts to hold a book, that’s all I am saying. *cries*

My Body is Mad

I think my body got a false impression that I wouldn’t take it back to the gym. I mean I gave it good reason to, I didn’t go for about a week or more. And so it grew complacent. It let itself think “no more running, woo hoo!” so yesterday when I went to the … Continue reading

Don’t Eat Curry!!

LOL I got weigh today and the aftermath of ice cream cake and curry from the weekend had a negative effect on my weigh-in. Apparently curry has a lot of sodium. So unless you are drinking a ton of water with the curry, choose something else. Or don’t eat curry a LOT. I honestly thought … Continue reading

Food Journals

I am going to write a bit about a technique that works, mostly. When I first started working with Nicki (and even earlier, when I was in my 20’s and going to Weight Watcher’s) I was told I had to keep a food journal. I had to write down everything I put into my mouth. And … Continue reading