Lesson Learned (The Hard Way)

I know I have alluded to it over the past few posts, but my body has been sending some pretty strong messages as of late that it’s mad at me for doing all this physical exertion and it not being taken care of. I have a bum knee, which is a result of a car … Continue reading

I Need New Shoes

It has come to my attention that my squats kind of suck and it’s affecting my hip. You see I have a bum knee from a car accident that happened in 2001 and I have never gotten it looked at. I never really needed to because it never hurt when I was bigger and as … Continue reading

Strength is Back!

This means new PR’s! PR’s are so gratifying. Seriously. I could drink them up every. single. day. This week was the week where my thighs were under assault. Every workout worked them, and worked them hard. I was so sore I brought my foam roller to work to help work the kinks in my thighs. … Continue reading


This past week has been pretty great when it comes to making gains at my workouts. And it feels damn good!!!!! I ran over a mile without stopping! I put on my headset after being upset that I couldn’t do CrossFit Monday as planned. So I put on my music and ran until I felt … Continue reading

My Box is Trying to Kill Me!

I kid, I kid, my box didn’t intend for my injuries this week, right?? But in all seriousness, I did some intense workouts this week and the one on Monday had me doing 100 burpees plus doing 3 overhead presses every minute on the minute. That’s a lot of overhead presses once you hit minute … Continue reading

Walk Out

Yesterday I did something I have never done before–I went into my box*, looked at the WOD** and went home. It was a moment of instant frustration and anger plus intimidation–to the point that I didn’t think clearly, got in my car and went on my way. So what happened? What could this WOD have … Continue reading

Hot Shot 19

Yesterday I took a leap of faith–I did a big Hero workout.But it was for a great cause–to support the families of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team who tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013 while fighting a fire in Yarnell, AZ. Honestly, working out in their honor was the least I could … Continue reading

Girls Week

I almost named this post with a curse word, but I played nice. This week my box decided to lay down the gauntlet: make 4 of the 5 workouts “Girl” workouts. New to crossfit? Well, strap yourself in because these girls pull no punches and take no prisoners! Technically, these workouts are called “Benchmark WODs” … Continue reading

Personal Record Found

I might have glossed over it in my last post, but this week I found out my PR for my deadlift. Hayley and I decided to come to open gym on Tuesday night and we ambitiously wanted to see if we could find 3 PR’s (ha ha ha) but instead only found one. The reason … Continue reading

Love my CF Family

When I joined Pearland Crossfit, the furthest thing from my mind was whether or not the people I would meet there would become an integral part of my life. I wanted to be friends with them, for sure. I wanted to look forward to workout out with the same people and had a small group … Continue reading