10 on Tuesday

Top ten favourite exercises I do on a weekly basis. Squats–I have always liked these. I have strong leg muscles and I love how these shape the lower part of my body. Push Ups–I used to hate these! But something clicked a little bit ago and now I am getting so much better!! Bring it … Continue reading

Major Effort

Today’s workout was intense!! Partly because it was 8 rounds of 5 exercises, it was painful and turned mental fast. Then another reason–it was 85 degrees and my skin started to feel like it was on fire halfway through the workout. Double mental!!! Now we need to also acknowledge that I have incredibly thick blood, … Continue reading

CrossFit Games 13.5

I had the weekend off and I got the chance to cheer on the athletes at my gym as they did the last round of the CrossFit Games. It was impressive to see all the chest to bars. I can’t imagine how they mentally got through. My trainer, Sarah, had an intensely high chest to bar, … Continue reading

Missing: Fitbit

I regret to inform people that my fitbit fell out if its casing and is now missing. I am sad. Thankfully I have a supportive husband who has helped me feel better about the situation. I will be getting a new one, and I might need to tape it to its holder cause this thing is not … Continue reading

Went Anways

I did not want to work out tonight–I was feeling tired, I am stressed about work and frankly all I wanted to do was go home and curl up on the couch. I almost talked myself out of working out all the way there. But I went and I am so thankful I did!! Even … Continue reading

Smaller? Maybe!!

It is so hard to know when you are getting smaller during weight loss. I know this sounds odd, shouldn’t you know? Aren’t your clothes fitting differently? Don’t you see it in the mirror? The answer is no! Seriously though, I am way too close to what is going on, so it should be no … Continue reading


I noticed this on Monday and I thought it might have been an anomaly, but nope–I am getting stronger and can lift more weight. I found during the workout Monday I wasn’t as tired as I normally am at the end of my workouts and I could have done more. Granted on Monday the workout … Continue reading

Mental Aspects of Weight Loss

On my lunch today I came across an article by a woman who lost 180 pounds after having by-pass surgery. Her story really left an impression on me, and made me think long and hard about the journey I have been on. With her, she lost the weight without effort and quickly due to her … Continue reading


I woke up today feeling fine. Just fine. Then I ate my breakfast and my stomach started to get rumbly. As the day progressed though, my body got angrier and angrier and I was unable to keep anything I was eating in me. Just ridiculous. It frustrates me because this is one of the days I … Continue reading

Good Week

I have had a strong two weeks for working out = woo hoo! I only missed Monday and that was because I have gotten a second cold. Second in three weeks! Stupid body! I am not even living in Canada, so I find it frustrating that I am getting sick so often. Although this time … Continue reading