Summer’s Here!

Sure it’s May, but by living in Houston, it’s warm and wonderful here already. My husband and I have decided this Memorial Day long weekend is one of bathing suit, pools and BBQ. It’s been lovely!! After a week of feeling crappy, this has been great. Lots of sleep and sun. One of the neat … Continue reading

Whole30 {60}: Halfway Results

The results are in!! I have to say I was skeptical on whether I would see the same results from this as I did the first time, and although they are slightly lower, it’s splitting hairs, and the good news is that I am losing inches in areas that are a health concern for me, so … Continue reading

Whole 30 {60}: Lessons from First 30 Days

This Whole30 has been a totally different experience than my previous one. First–I was already making food for my meals, so I didn’t miss a beat there. What I did do was try new recipes, and they were all winners. Korean Short Ribs, Chicken Meatballs in a homemade Marinara sauce, Almond Milk, Cauliflower Dirty Rice and … Continue reading

Whole30 {60} Week 2

Last week was a good week. I had a plan for food and it all went well! I noticed this week that I have stopped thinking about my Starbucks coffee, which is a good thing. By Friday though I was finding my cravings for chocolate coming back. ANNOYING. Especially considering this was the time when … Continue reading

Fascinating Findings

This morning I woke up and did something I was dreading—I measured myself. After 2 weeks of sugar craziness, I was worried about how much I had increased in size {my pants were fitting a wee bit more snug}. I am happy to report that I only went up 2.5 inches overall. My chest and … Continue reading

Fitness has Limits

Having an injury has given me some time to reflect and get to know my limits. This has been difficult mentally and emotionally. My brain wants to heal faster than what my body will allow and it’s compounded by the fact that there are things on site like Pinterest that have pictures like the one … Continue reading

Birthday Shinanigans

I need to learn to celebrate my birthday without using food as the main way I do it. I went all out on Saturday night, went to Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse with my amazing husband. I had 2 martini’s, filet mignon, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and chocolate cake. I was not able to eat it all … Continue reading