Poor Decisions

Alright, time to get real–I worked out once last week. Blargh to that. And then I thought to myself “Hey let’s just go hog wild and eat sweets!!” Ohhh yeah. I had a ball. I want to share how I am getting through this without spiraling into the guilt/shame spiral that has happened to me in the … Continue reading


I don’t know whether this is me becoming an old woman (I am almost 35 people!), or if I have been eating and drinking healthy enough that drinking is just something my body cannot tolerate. Because it can’t. I tested the waters Sunday night by having a few delicious Salted Karamel Martini’s and a glass of wine. … Continue reading

Inventory Blip

Sometimes work interrupts your regularly scheduled life. It happens. Mine came in the form of inventory. Store-wide, to be done in two days and then confirmed by my district manager on the third day. With the size of my store, doing this over two days is time consuming, stressful and all-consuming. And we won’t even go … Continue reading

Advocare 24 Day Challenge–Reporting on day 5

This week has been interesting. I haven’t had the same kind of headaches as in the past, which is odd considering how much sugar I was ingesting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It wasn’t healthy and I got a weeeee bit out of control. I fully expected to be twitching on the ground missing sugar and feeling like … Continue reading

Advocare 24 Day Challenge: The Sequel

I decided back in November that right after Christmas I would do the 24 day challenge again, to reset my taste buds and get my cravings for sugar nipped in the bud right away. I am entering day 3 right now, and I think this time around the challenge is more difficult when it comes … Continue reading