Good Week

wpid-img_20150326_201424.jpgOn the heels of admitting that things have been going wrong for a while and that weight has come back, I had a week at crossfit that gave me faith again. I was able to modify the WOD’s to a point where I was still getting my ass handed to me but I wasn’t aggravating any of the wonderful issues in my body. The WOD Monday took me 18 ish minutes to finish and the one yesterday took 28 ish minutes to finish, so not your easy 10 minute WOD. Nope. And there was running. And rowing. And complicated movements like my nemesis the overhead squat. But you know what? That was the best my overhead squat has looked and felt in a long time. Even my coach complimented my squat, saying it had improved vastly over the past 2 months. After all of these blows, the smacks to my confidence in the past year, yesterday was was so refreshing. It was nice to work out hard, feel good after and feeling like I am growing as an athlete.

I also have to say that I had a pretty awesome time this week at Atomic. It’s hard changing boxes. You grow close to the people you sweat with in a crossfit box. A natural camaraderie occurs because afterwards you are like “we survived!!!”. That also means new people to a group sometimes struggle to get to know others who have been close for a while, so finding who my “people” are going to be at the 6pm class has been a bit of a learning curve, and this week things started to fall into place. I now have at least 3 people I have dirty joke to, who hug me when I come in and can sometimes whine to. Thankfully one of the people is my previous coworker David, and we will text during the day about the WOD and strategies. The coaches are also hilarious and I find myself starting to click, which is great because that is part of the incentive of going, is being with the people. And the nice thing is that I am still friends with my people from Pearland Crossfit, so it’s like I have the best of both worlds!

And as you can see from the picture, this week was no joke. And I will keep on going back for more as long as my body will let me.