Bad Food = World o Pain

wpid-abm_1422201732.jpgShaun’s visit was a massive amount of fun!! Was it compliant to my goals? Ummmmm…no. Let me just be honest about it. I had a little bit of sugar {and freaked out about it}, a little bit of wheat and maybe a glass of wine. And let me tell you, my body fully rejected it all. It was like “Aawwww HELL NO”. And now I am back to my regular eating and my body is back to loving me. Although I am thinking about sugar more. Fucking sugar.

We also got in my miles, as we walked through Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. No real strenuous working out was had, but I still kept to my 30 miles in 30 days goal. So at least there is that. But yesterday I went back to Atomic and got my Crossfit on. And that was legit hard. But I want to work on my conditioning, so I need to show up. I am contemplating signing up for the Crossfit Open as they have a scaled portion, I just worry the scaled portion will still be above my abilities. But it is an excellent motivator to getting my ass to the box, so….I’m still thinking.

wpid-abm_1422414931.jpgI am getting bored with my food, I need to find some new recipes, but I also need to have more time to cook them too. Double edged sword!! And this weekend I am photographing a competition and a sports session, so my “free” time will be minimal this weekend. Thus I am thankful for my friend Mary who runs an awesome paleo meal prep business. Order is in, so all I have to do is focus on dinners next week. My life is a gong show.

So what’s next? Consistency. Working on my conditioning. OH and trying out a new technique for my tight muscles! Thanks chiropractor for the sweet gift! I swear I am using it!! And if this works, expect a blog post! It could change your life TOO!! *ends sales pitch*