Whole 30+ & 90 Miles in 90 Day & CrossFit & Kickboxing

ABM_1420399531What a week! Talk about taking a lot—I went to two crossfit classes and a kickboxing class. And I did my miles, even if I walked a few, I got them done. I am pooped!!! My left calf is a little tight but I am continuing to stretch and roll it {and drink more water with a bit of sea salt}. My inner thighs are sore and my abs. Fine, I am a bit of a wreck!!! But considering I went from 0 to 100 in the space of a few days, this is to be expected. So I truck on.

I also started a Whole 30 this week—with extra food as per my nutritionist’s advice. I can say that this might have made the difference between experiencing the Kill All The Things phase and not. And I didn’t experience it at all. I also did not get a headache on day 2 or 3. I can only presume that eating protein every 2.5 hours is helping me have a non-starved reaction to eating clean. There has only been one day {yesterday} where I wanted to eat chocolate, and that is because a coworker brought Hershey Kisses to my desk and offered me some. So then I thought about those kisses all afternoon. Fucking Hershey Kisses.

whole30 day tiredToday I am exhausted though. I could nap all day and not have a care in the world about it. I think it is a good combination of all the exercise I have been doing and my eating clean. I am interested to see if I have the crazy dreams next week or not. I wonder if the entire timeline to the Whole 30 might be different because I am not starving myself. I am kind of excited to see what happens next!!

Here is what I ate this week:

Meal One: 1 egg, 2 egg white scrambled eggs; cauli-rice; ½ cup of oatmeal w cinnamon and ½ a banana

Snack One: 3.5 oz of chicken with plantain chips

Meal Two: 2.5 chicken pesto meatballs in a homemade marinara sauce with green beans and either cauli-rice or spaghetti squash

Snack Two: Protein pancake that has 2 egg whites, a scoop of protein powder {cake batter flavour!}, ¼ cup of rolled oats and a dash of cinnamon

Meal Three: I made this fucking amazing stir fry this week with garlic and ginger. I ate it two nights in a row and I might make it again week 3 cause it was INSANELY GOOD. I also had a steak and a hamburger this week. With broccoli or spaghetti squash or green beans.

DindinI do have to say that at 10pm every night, without fail, I get bat-shit crazy hungry. I go to bed but seriously. I don’t even crave sugar!!! I just want more protein!!! MOOOOOAAAAAARRRR I need to email my nutritionist and figure out what could be causing this.

Anyways, I am feeling pretty great for my first week on my Whole30+ and my 90 Miles in 90 Days. Look for the stir fry recipe soon, cause you will lose your shit over it, I swear!!