Annual Check-Up

ex pilates-funny-memeThis week I went to my doctor for my annual check-up, and I was nervous because I know I will fall in around the same weight as last year, even after all the hard work I had done. I was disappointed with myself and wanted to have a frank talk with her about this and make sure I am still healthy. You guys know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I am kind of intense and possibly harsh on myself.

The visit went as expected in certain ways, my weight has not changed and I was trying to not get too upset about it. Then my doctor came in and we started talking about the year I had with my injuries and how I have changed my eating and she told me that last year when I got my labs back that I even then I was in excellent health. She emphasized how healthy I am. She said that with how I am eating, with what I am doing to workout, I am doing everything right, and even if my weight isn’t where I want it to be, I am healthy and fit. How crazy is that? I am 200+ pounds and I am fit. And healthy. She told me I am too hard on myself and to give myself a break. That if I keep on eating all the protein and the working out the weight will take care of itself. Have I mentioned that I love my doctor? From the first time we started talking we “got” each other and have gotten along. I have to say, knowing I am doing all the right things from a medical professional makes me feel really good. I feel less stressed. It’s like she gave me a sense of calm. I don’t know how long this will last {ha ha, such is the nature of me!} but I will ride it as long as I can.

ABM_1418609877Of course, the next day I woke up with a massive sore throat, so bad I could barely talk or swallow. I am still sick today and I am hoping to be better by Tuesday. I have done a lot of sleeping this weekend, taking it easy and taking a macaroon cooking class! My Vivofit has been pissed off with me at the amount of steps I have been doing, to the point that it turned off the red line that says “move your ass!” at a certain point! I defeated the Vivofit with my inactivity!! But I have felt better everyday, so sleeping 9 hours a night and napping each day has done wonders for me. Robert says that when I went to sleep this weekend he could hear me snoring over the TV! With the door to bedroom closed! Thankfully we have an extra bedroom where he could sleep.

Oh and last week was great for working out {finally!}: Monday was yoga/Pilates, Tuesday was crossfit, Wednesday was 45 minutes of cardio, Thursday was kickboxing. I will see how I feel this week, but I hope to be as active if I can get better.

Here’s to ending the year on a good note!