Month of Madness

ex me cancunI have had an interesting month. Right before I went on vacation I had a, as the south like to call it, a come-to-Jesus talk with my chiropractor regarding all my injuries this year. It was a great chat and some truths needed to be communicated. I won’t go into too much detail, but I am making changes thanks to this chat…and I might have a very cool CrossFit experience if it comes to fruition!

So vacation happened! Went to a resort in Puerto Morelos for my cousin’s wedding and it was an insane time! The beach was beautiful, tons of pools, activities and a fun spa area. The food was mostly good and I found myself drinking more frequently than originally anticipated. Then tragedy struck–I got sick. I couldn’t keep anything in me for over 24 hours and I lost weight during the trip!! In fact a bunch of us got sick, even though we were careful not to consume any of the local water. My bet? Food workers touch the water and BOOM! cross-contamination and stomach issues. Either way, I got one workout in and had a wonderful time.

ex me cancun weddingSince then, I have been working on some things in my life. With my photography hobby getting more and more busy, and it happening on weekends, I am spending less and less time with this hot guy I married a few years ago. So I am looking at changing CrossFit boxes, from Pearland to Atomic. Atomic is 7 minutes from where I work and they have a 5pm and 6pm class that I can attend and get home earlier, meaning more quality time with the husband. It is painful, I love the people I workout with, but sometimes you need to make these changes. Thankfully the two classes I have gone to were pretty great and disgustingly sweaty. The instruction for all the movements were thorough and I had a PR in my second class for my jerk!

More changes are on their way, and for now I am going to take it easy, enjoy the last two weeks at Pearland CrossFit and work on things so I stop getting injured and fool around with how I am eating.