Third Time’s the Charm?

another-injury-whyI hate to admit this, but I injured myself again. This is getting old. If you are tired of reading this, I am tired of writing this!! 2014 has not been what I anticipated, but you know what? So what!! Sure I have felt defeated this year from all this bullshit, but what has it done? Brought me back to basics.

For those that are desiring to know, I fell out of a snatch poorly and dropped some weight on my lower back. I am bruised but I {thank goodness!!!!!} did not hurt my spine. I joke that the barbell bounce off my ample ass. But seriously, I am lucky. And it allowed my chiropractor to see me again, how lucky is he? Thus, for the past two weeks I have been only able to do upper body movements, and today I will start with a few lower body ones, if they feel ok, at a lower weight and reps. Slow and steady.

All of this has me looking at 2015 with a new focus. It isn’t “let’s see all the benchmarks I can hit!” cause that was a recipe for disaster for 2014. Instead I plan on lowering my weight, working on form and technique. I am also going to work on stretching more so that I have supple {aka NOT tight} muscles.

In the food eating world—I am glad I reset myself with a Whole30, but I didn’t do it for 30 days. I needed the mental kick in the ass and from there simply introduced a few specific foods back. I have been mainly sugar-free for three weeks and I had one slip last Thursday and I felt so physically ill the next day I vowed “never again!!”. Since then I have been continuing eating lots of meat, veggies, a few starches {aka potatoes}, some fruit and chai tea. Cause chai. I have even decided I dislike the amount of sugar in a Lara Bar, even if it’s all real ingredients, it is small and doesn’t leave me satiated.

Lastly, this weekend my husband and I are off to Cancun to see my cousin get married! I can’t wait to be at a 5 star resort and spending quality time with all the family that is going to be there. I plan on swimming like a fish, reading at least 2 books and soaking up a ton of sun.

One thought on “Third Time’s the Charm?

  1. Good plan on focusing on form before weight! Going back to basics is always a good idea! Get well soon, enjoy your vacation and the sun to recover as much as possible and get back to us in top shape! Just keep swimming, I’ll keep reading! 😉

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