The Honesty Post

ex fed up1Alright it’s time to get real, shake off the sugar-coating. I had a rough summer where I was injured and I went back to sugar. I gained some weight back. I didn’t workout much and lost some of my conditioning. I also got sad about it. But that sadness turned into resolve when I saw “Fed Up“, the documentary about the sugar industry. It showed children who were trying to lose weight and weren’t being successful even though they were extremely active and eating {or so they thought} healthily. It hit home to me that even though I eat more veggies and protein and I have given up pasta and rice, I still struggle with sugar. Sugar {or lack thereof} is the key to being healthy and if you are wanting to lose weight, cutting it down is the most important part.

So I dusted myself off, gave myself a pep talk that went something like “You feel crappy and you love all this sugary stuff, but it’s this sugary crap that is making you feel this way. So it’s time {again ha ha} to really say good-bye. Your health is at stake. You will see new sugary delights come out and you need to come to terms with the fact that you will not have them. New Starbucks drinks, new cookies and the like. Make peace with it now.”

ex fed up2

Your brain on sugar is identical to it being on cocaine. In fact, in studies, mice chose sugar water OVER cocaine!

And thus I started a new Whole 30. Cause it works–seriously, I am able to make my mind just bend to this for 30 days. Plus I need to put my sugar dragon into a coma, so I can move forward. I started the Whole 30 on Tuesday, after a friend left from visiting for the weekend. I knew Wednesday was going to be the hangover, but baby jesus was I unprepared for the hangover that came that day. The headache wrapped from my front temple to the back of my neck. It made my neck stiff. I was also exhausted and slept for 8 hours that night. Soundly.

Thankfully I am feeling better and I haven’t hit the Kill All the Things, which is kind of great, as that was supposed to happen today. But if I am unlucky, it will hit tomorrow.

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  1. I’m with you in the desire to clean up my act again, but I’m reluctant to jump into the whole30. Not that I don’t think I can stick to the riles for 30 days, cause I know I can, but afterwards I seem to slip into WORSE habits than I had before after a while. The rollercoaster gets tiring… :-s They say everywhere that whole30 is not intended to be a lifetime, just 30 days. Maybe that’s my problem. I need something I can comit to FOR LIFE. Not that whole 30 isn’t a GREAT place to start, but there needs to be a better program offered for day 31 and beyond.

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