Saturday o Fun

20140906_092445I am going to confess that I haven’t dragged my ass out of bed on a Saturday to workout in forever. And yesterday morning I debated. But then I just threw caution to the wind, texted Haley and said “Let’s do this!”. Haley has stuff at her house, so we made up a WOD and knocked it out. Since Haley has one barbell we made a WOD of 5 clean and jerk and jump rope, 4 rounds. One person did the cleans and jerks while the other person jumped rope. Once the person finished the clean and jerk, we switched. After that, we did some overhead squats and Haley did thrusters. It was nice to get a good sweat on! We are going to do this every Saturday as much as we can…and I might be ordering my own bar!

Today I did my third hot yoga class and I could feel my balance getting better. I also felt myself stopping less and not being as affected by the heat. I think after my month at $30, I will do the 10 sessions, as I only go once a week. I also heard they have a yoga class where they play rock music and you sing along in your poses, that would be fun to try too! Maybe a random Friday…

This week: CrossFit three times and yoga once…maybe twice.



Future CrossFit Athlete!