Girls Week!

Late posting this–last week was girls week at the box. I was able to go 2 days. My hip was feeling better {thanks hot yoga and stretching and chiro!!} but I could still fee it in my workouts. That being said I wasn’t going heavy in my weights and I wasn’t trying to win at anything other than doing well.


Last year at this time I did this little devil at 33# and got it done in 7:10. This year I thought I was doing it at the same weight but I went up by 10 pounds. For those who would like a reminder, Fran is as follows:


I got her done in 8:15 and honestly, I would like to do it again. Once my hip feels 100% I want to add 10 pounds and just go for it. I am thinking first week of November. I also want to get my conditioning back to where it used to be, which if I am consistent for the next two month, I should be back to where I was.


Last year at this time I did this at 68# and it took me 7:10. With the clean portion of the movement tweaking at my hip, I went lighter in weight and did 55lbs. I was lucky, my friend Haley turned to me and we did it while facing each other. This kept us moving. Every time one of us put the bar down, the other was picking it up and we motivated each other to pick up the bar faster.


My time was 3:58 which I consider to be phenomenal. Sure my weight was lower, but I was consistent and I didn’t stop as much. And I think I found my rhythm–5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4. I also want to redo this girl in November too and see how a little more weight goes.

Overall, I feel really good considering I am still healing. This week also helped me get over my hump for my hip–I got some more confidence and now I will be hitting it harder this week. It’s time to get my conditioning back and I am looking forward to dying in workouts and feeling awesome after. It is time!!