Ghee Recipe

Ghee1A few weeks back my friend Hayley came over and we made our own ghee! It didn’t turn out as magical as OMGhee’s, but it still turned out exceptionally well. We used the Nom Nom Paleo recipe. The key to this recipe is choosing a butter that is of good quality. The recipe called for Kerrygold butter, and I stand behind this. It might be more expensive, but the taste of the ghee is heightened by using this butter.


1 pound {or more, it’s up to you} of unsalted butter


Get out a saucepan and melt the butter. Do this over a low heat. As the butter melts, the milk solids will separate from the fat. They key thing to do is to simmer the butter at the lowest heat you can, while maintaining a bubbling. The milk solids will start to clump together, stick to the side of the pan and they start to fall to the bottom and brown. When we made this, the solids didn’t fall to the bottom much, and we had to guess when to remove the pan. The recipe called for cooking the butter for 8-10 minutes but we cooked it a bit longer because the milk particles weren’t falling to the bottom.

Once you remove the pan from the heat, you will pour the melted butter through cheese cloth into a measuring cup or some form of container. This will catch all the milk particles. It was a neat process to watch. Hayley and I strained it twice, to make sure that the milk particles were gone. The recipe calls for the cheesecloth to be three layers, and I support this, it will help you get the clearest ghee possible!

After you strain the ghee, pour it into the container you want to store it in, put in your fridge and enjoy the rest of your day!