Hot Yoga = Pool of Sweat

ex cold yogaI am not even kidding about the title of this post. I have never done hot yoga before and the last time I did yoga was in Canada–when I lived there…and still worked for Blockbuster. So if we don’t do the math {please don’t!!}, it’s been a while. So, being nervous, I asked the woman at the desk what happens if one feels like they are going to pass out and leaving the class is “frowned upon”. She said for me to lie down on the mat and try to recover there. Alrighty then.

So here are the thoughts that went through my head during my first ever 60-minute hot yoga class:

– Oh it’s not that warm in here…wait why is she touching the thermometer? It’s perfect!

– Ok it’s getting a little toasty, but nothing I can’t handle

– Is that woman near me already sweating through her top? Am I already sweating through my top and don’t know it?

– These poses aren’t too bad! I remember most of these, yay!

– I hate downward dog

– Oh wow, I actively dripping sweat from my face and neck onto this towel!

– Water, oh water, I love you {sip, sip, sip}

– I just wiped my face off, how can I be dripping onto the mat in less than thirty seconds?? 

– I wore too many layers…I want to strip down to my bra! That’s ok, right?

– I could sneak out…no one would know…goodness me I am hot

– we are doing ab work? YES! Almost done!

– One last pose? Nooooo I am hot, dying, please let me leave!

– {in car} that wasn’t so bad! I didn’t pass out or stop to recover!

Along with those thoughts I also learned some lessons about hot yoga:

  1. Bring 2 towels. One for the yoga mat so you don’t slip and one to wipe your face with. You will use both, a lot.
  2. Bring lots of water. I mean a LOT. I was prepared, had 2 water bottles filled mainly with ice and I drank through both, one during the class and one after. And don’t be stingy on the ice. 
  3. Wear very little clothing. I would do this naked, if possible. I wore shorts and a t-shirt and the t-shirt was too much. I need to find a bikini strapped top for next week, cause that cotton shirt was just too much.

As you can tell, I am going back. I bought the 30 days for $30 pass. I found that some of the poses were exceptional for my hip and that the hot room allowed me to get into deeper poses. I also learned that we store stress in our hips {which is why they are so tight}, so I focused on my breathing during this to release as much as possible during that stretch. I also put it out to facebook that I was doing this, and it looks like 2 people from my box want to join me, which is great! I look forward to getting sweaty and disgusting with them lol

So do I like yoga? Meh. Will I do it so I can feel better? YUP.