Meal Plan

After taking stock of how I have been eating and feeling, I decided this week need an inspired meal plan. I want to eat in a way that helps me get through sticky moments with my tendency to eat chocolate in the afternoon. I believe that because I CrossFit three times a week, yoga now once a week and swim twice a week, I might be eating chocolate when I really need something more to fuel my body. Thus, my meal plan this week will look like this:

7am: Strawberry banana protein shake {from PaleOMG}

10am: Frittata–this week I am trying out the pesto zucchini bacon frittata {another recipe from PaleOMG}

1pm: Chicken and veggies–this week I am going to make cauli-rice and bake the chicken 

4pm: Plantain chips if I am feeling snacky

7 or 8pm: Ribs and veggies; strawberries and whipped cream.

This meal plan has a lot of fruits and veggies, good protein and limits my sugar. The protein shake has a chia seeds in it, which will help thicken it, and make it yummy. Expect a review of both that recipe and the frittata later this week!

My hip is still an issue. I had a WOD this week where it was 3 overhead squats every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.I would have had a PR but my hip was like “NOPE. I will pain you if you go above this tiny weight of 33#”. I didn’t even struggle with the weight, just with the way my hip felt in the home stretch. Now thankfully since the workout, I have been stretching and icing consistently and it isn’t hurting as much. I am hoping I might be in the home stretch to healing this, as I want to just WOD like a normal girl.