Scardy Cat

ex setback notusedyetSince I have been given the go-ahead to run and jump I have been a sissy–I haven’t been trying to do double unders, as that was what hurt me in February. Yesterday though, double unders were part of the skill portion and I decided to stop avoiding them and just see if I could do them again. After a few jumps, I was back in the game! I was even able to string two together and not land like a weight monkey-heyina! This helped with having my heel not hurt after the WOD {although it did talk a little after, but I did some stretching and it went away}. 

I have to say I have been having some body issues lately. I might not be any bigger, but I feel bigger. Is that possible? I am having a hard time reconciling being injured, not working out as much and feeling like I am still on track. I see other people not getting injured, working out more and it’s hard not to compare myself to them. And I shouldn’t be comparing myself because they are not in my shoes, they don’t have achilles issues or hip issues. 

My plan? Attempt to not be as hard on myself. I might even go as far as posting on my facebook page something good about myself for 30 days or something. I am also going to adopt the alternative workouts I need to do, like yoga. And lastly, I am going to eat consistently well. I have this mental spiral that happens when I am feeling down about one area, I let my eating go. And maybe I am feeling down because I am not eating the right food and my hormones are out of whack.I have to ask myself–why do I do this to myself? I need a mental slap people!! 

Ok first thing: telling myself I am awesome. Second thing: doing yoga. DARN IT. Stop procrastinating about this and do it. 

Next post will be about how I am trying to be more positive about myself.