30 Minutes of Hell

ex rg blow wodI went to my box yesterday and the workout was something out of a nightmare–and the worst of it? I didn’t read it properly!! So when I thought I was finished I was halfway. Let’s discuss the anger that went through my body when I realized that!! It was not pretty.

So what was this torture?






30 MINUTE AMRAP {as many rounds as possible}

10 pull-ups

10 wall balls

100m sprint {or “sprint” for me}

20 pull-ups

20 wall balls

200m sprint

30 pull-ups

30 wall balls

300m sprint


When I read the workout, I thought it ended at 30. NOPE. It ended at 30 minutes. So when it was 15:44 and I thought I was done, I wasn’t. And I cried, or would have had there been any moisture left in my body. Instead I sucked it up, got back on the bar and did 40 pull-ups. The worst were the wall balls. By the end I was doing 5 at a time and trying not to vomit. I also walked the last two rounds. My ending score was 40+22. And had I run, it might have been higher, but I gave it everything I had, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

I was also back at my chiro on Monday and he popped my hips by jumping on them {not literally, but he did kind of, it’s hard to explain!}. And now my hip is feeling much better. It isn’t feeling 100% but the wall balls yesterday weren’t painful and that was exciting progress!! I don’t know what Chris does, but he works some magic on my old body 🙂

Tomorrow I go back for more punishment. And I am now doing Yoga for reals people. This weekend. Wasn’t this one of my goals at the beginning of the year? Ha ha #fail

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  1. I love the Ryan meme! I may steal it as I have a not-so-secret crush on him! AWESOME JOB ON THE WOD LADY! I would have died!

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