Sketch Artist Alert!

ex photography memeOla readers!! So what’s going on? Why I am such a sketch-artist for writing in here? Well! I have been doing two photography workshops at the same time plus I have been doing some photography sessions too. Every night, instead of thinking of peppy things to write here, I am on my laptop processing pictures, writing on message boards and growing in the photography realm. It’s awesome, I love it, but it’s rather consuming right now!!

But that is besides the point. What has been going on with CrossFit and Whole 30 the threequel? CrossFit has been a 3-day a week deal lately cause the photography stuff has even impeded there. Lesson: don’t do 2 workshops at the same time. Also my hip has started tweaking again. Hip, I thought we got through this and we were going to be good to each other! So that makes squatting painful sometimes and I have to modify my WOD’s more because of it. And I have added more stretching into my daily routine.

Whole30 has been going much better since my Kill All the Things moments in the first week. This third time the no sugar thing isn’t really too hard. I have no desire to go to Starbucks or eat ice cream. I do miss other foods right now though, like corn tortillas when I eat Mexican food. I am hopeful that this might mean a better post Whole30. After ever other Whole30 I was unwilling to give up Starbucks, but I find that when I let it back in, then I let in other things and then I am right back to where I started.

I have also been very tired. And doing a lot of extra-curricular things. And I have had one of my best friends come and visit for two weeks. My prep for food has been scant. I am relying on old faithful recipes and not really trying anything different. I don’t have time! I usually use the whole30 to inspire me to try new recipes, but not this time around. And this is the way life goes. Sometimes you have the time and sometimes you don’t. I am not going to let it stress me out, I am just going to roll with it.

Below is a sexy picture of me while my hair was getting done. No more roots! Yay!