Crazy Two Weeks!

Talk about going MIA! After the competition I went to a regular crossfit class but everything in my body cried during that workout. Plus the exposed skin on my thumb prevented me from doing a lot of work. It didn’t help that the workout had a lot of elements from the Saturday stuff, so I wasn’t letting those muscles repair. I almost left in tears. I decided to take the week off to let my thumb heal, as well as the rest of my body.

As Monday approached I was getting excited to get back to my second home, when I woke up early Monday morning with really bad heartburn. So bad that after three days, I still couldn’t take a deep breath without coughing. Turns out I might have burnt my trachea. Good times. So off to the doctor I went—getting 2 prescriptions for heartburn and a cool diagnosis of GERD. Yay! I was also not medically cleared to workout until Monday. At this point one of my co-workers asked if my body was just giving up on me. I was apt to agree. So what does this mean? I have to give up certain foods so as to not aggravate my heartburn. Like chocolate. Caffeine. Tomato-based foods. Lord have mercy! Chocolate and caffeine were the last two vices I had left from my Whole30 lifestyle! WTF body, WTF. So I have given up chocolate and caffeine. Yup, completely eliminated. No more coffee for this girl. I cook too much with tomato-based products to give that up, but I only eat them for breakfast or lunch. I now feel like an official food saint, in case you were wondering.

This is the time I get up for CrossFit...

This is the time I get up for CrossFit…

But I am back—totally sore {don’t stop going to crossfit is the lesson here! Hah!} and I made the brave decision to start going at 6:15am. Ladies and gentlemen, waking up at 5:35am is not my favourite. In fact it kind of sucks. This means going to bed earlier, and when you have friends and a husband who stay up later, you kind of feel like you are missing out. But I am dedicated, so I go to bed. I feel kind of bad for my friends at PCF, as at 6:15am I am not talkative and instead just take in the WOD and yawn. Poor Cheryl, she is awake and ready at this hour, is a bit trepidatious in talking to me until after the warm-up or WOD because I only nod before things start. I don’t mean to be off-putting! I am just getting it going! My brain has no conversation in its head at this point.

So my first week back has been good. On Tuesday I was able to do overhead squats at a weight that normally defeats me, but I was able to do this without dropping to a lower weight and I felt strong doing it! Winning! Today’s WOD was rough though—1 mile run broken in half and 250 body weight squats. I am walking like a cowboy already. I am going again tomorrow and can only imagine the new body part that will hurt after that!

Also, July 7th—doing my next Whole30. This time it will be different because I am not going to be making super spicy meals because of my heartburn, and I will be trying to find less tomato-based recipes. And with me having given up coffee and chocolate, I foresee this next Whole30 being less temptation filled. Looking forward to the new lessons there.