Travelling this Summer? Ideas to Keep Fitness Going…

ex crossfit northWith summer and vacations fast approaching, I thought I would share how I survive travel and still getting a workout in. I am especially conscious of this since I will be going to Mexico in October and there won’t be any CrossFit there and a ton of amazing food.

Classes: look for activity classes where you are going. I have already checked out the resort we are staying at and found that they hold fitness classes and I can learn how to scuba dive. I plan on doing their yoga classes and am excited to scuba dive for the first time in my life. When I go to Canada to visit my family I have a CrossFit box I like to go to {CrossFit North!} and I now look for other boxes I can go to when I am at other places {like Chicago in September}. Plus, I love buying new shirts to wear when I get back “home” to my box! So I encourage you to look up classes when you travel, most of the time they will be free or fall around $10 to attend. And who knows? Maybe you will find a class that you have never tried before and it become your new passion!

ex crossfit chicagoBody Weight: If I can’t seem to get to a class {we had lots of snow storms on the last visit to Canada} I have an arsenal of things I can do on my own, and I will make up my own workout. I also have workouts for travelers in my workout journal, so I refer to that a lot too. I love movements like body weight squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups. I usually don’t push myself to do burpees, but I know they are there if I want to. Plus, I can run, do jumping jacks and I have a jump rope. All of these things can make a sweaty workout happen. So when I am stuck, I use my resources and in doing so, I usually surprise my parents, who don’t see me workout. If this is more your speed, look for body weight workouts online, pick one that works for you! Just make sure you pick something that will challenge you.

Motivation: This is huge while you are on vacation. I am eating richer food, I have plans to go do things and I want to sleep in! So how do I get the gumption to workout? I take each day at its own merit. I try to plan my activities later in the day so I can sleep in a little and still workout. I win sometimes and I lose sometimes, but I always try. Honestly, vacations are hard!

I would love to know the ways others stay motivated to workout when they travel or go on vacation. What are some neat classes you took? Do you have a go-to workout you do and don’t rely on gyms? Or do you take the entire time off from working out?

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  1. Small world! I’ve been to Crossfit Burlington North with a friend 🙂 When I went to the Dominican in Feb I managed to do “Grace” in the little resort gym, much to the amazement of the little guy running the place. One of the beautiful parts about crossfit… you don’t need a heap of high-tech equipment to get your WOD on! Can work on handstands, pistols, double unders pretty much anywhere! And burpees do a whole body good.

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