HappyCrossFit Anniversary to ME!

A year ago, June 3rd 2013, I transitioned to regular crossfit classes! And what a year it has been! I have learned many things in the past year–my limits, how to do complex barbell movements and just how strong I really am. I love that fact that I transitioned to this, I feel like I found who I am. I have also committed myself to eating healthier, and I have seen myself perform better thanks to those changes. I injured myself 8 months in, but kept fighting, and took my 2,000 m row time from just over 11 minutes to just over 9 minutes. While it was challenging not to be able to run and jump, I just kept on fighting.

When I first started my mile run time was around 15 minutes, and that was with some walking. By February my mile time was around 11 minutes and I could run it without stopping. That is something I am incredibly proud of since I don’t consider myself a runner.

Below is the progress I have made on some of my lifts:

ex ann lift 2ex ann lift 3ex ann lift 4ex ann lift 5ex ann lift 6ex ann lift 7

I also did Fran in my first year and Grace at 85# which took my just over 11 minutes. Never forgetting that WOD. I remember saying to Andrea “oh it’s just 30 clean and jerks?” and she laughed at me. I will never underestimate Grace again.


The best part has been the community. I have made wonderful friends here, we started cooking together on the weekend and we share each others’ joy and pain. I love my evening coaches, they are funny and encouraging. I don’t think I would have seen as many gains in my lifts without them. One of my favourite moments was when Kat helped Hayley and I get insanely high weights in out snatches and dubbed her the “snatch master”. I love coming into the box and seeing so many people I know and being able to catch up with them if I haven’t seen them in a while. I also love cheering on my peers to a new PR or to get them through a tough workout. We are family.

Below are some of the best moments of my first year of CrossFit:


ex ann jill me

Jill and I after a grueling partner WOD

ex ann fun run

Hayley, Haley, Cindy and I on our first 5k fun run! That was such a great day 🙂

ex ann group

I love this group!!

ex ann me

And me! Looking super sweaty but satisfied. HOOKED!!