CrossFit Magnolia Beginner Competition

ex magnoliaI did it, I jumped in with both eyes closed–I signed up for my first ever beginner crossfit competition!! It’s an hour from my house at a box called CrossFit Magnolia. It’s this coming Saturday June 7th, and the funny thing is that I didn’t hear about it until Thursday this week and had to go on a waiting list because, and let’s be honest here, there are not enough beginner crossfit competitions out there and they sell out crazy fast. So I was lucky to get off the wait list last night and sign up for it.

I don’t know yet what the WOD’s are {they are normally a secret}, but I do know that clean and jerks will be part of it. I also know that advanced movements like overhead squats, double unders, pull-ups, handstand push-ups or the like. I am hopeful there isn’t a lot of running, since that is still a work in progress.

When I found out I am not going to lie, I almost chickened out. Excuses ran through my head: “it’s too far and too early in the morning” or “should I be doing this fresh from an injury” or “what if I can’t do a movement”. I also recognized that this fear is healthy and that I needed to do this to push myself, see what I can do and set a baseline for beginner competitions.

Now the fun starts–planning what to bring, how to workout this week and whether to sleep closer to the competition or just suck it up and get up early. I have been advised to bring an extra pair of shoes in case mine break, lots of water, foam roller and more. I will need to get with Eileen and discuss what we want to do.

So wish me luck!! I am nervous but excited! Or to use fancy words, trepidatious!!