Summer’s Here!

ex poolSure it’s May, but by living in Houston, it’s warm and wonderful here already. My husband and I have decided this Memorial Day long weekend is one of bathing suit, pools and BBQ. It’s been lovely!! After a week of feeling crappy, this has been great. Lots of sleep and sun.

One of the neat things about new seasons is trying on old clothes that fit you last year and seeing how they fit this year. A lot of my tops are too big, shorts are fine and by bathing suit looks completely differently on me. The bathing suit still fits–it was a tight fit the last two years, and this year it just slides up {no struggling!} and everything is different. My stomach is flatter, boobs smaller, figure curvier. It’s crazy! It makes me feel more confident in a bathing suit, which is something I couldn’t say I have felt….oh ever. But the best thing? My husband. He thinks it’s great that I am feeling more confident but he is quick to tell me that he loves me regardless of my size, he genuinely thinks I am the most beautiful woman he has ever met. That is also the best feeling ever.

On a different note, I am looking for new summer recipes to try. I am thinking of incorporating some fresh corn into the mix, strawberries and salads. Oh and barbecue {I need a barbecue, if anyone wants to done one to me!}. Can’t wait to try some out!