Taking a Breather

ex winnerThis week I have been having a few stomach issues {yay for the flu to be making the rounds} and decided to just take the week off from CrossFit. The only day I felt ok was yesterday, even today I wasn’t 100%. I don’t play around with the flu–I get it worse than anyone else and I was feeling weak from not eating as much and not keeping everything I was eating.

So what has been happening if I haven’t been working out? {gasp!} I won a Kitchenaid Mixer!!! Can you believe it?? The independent paleo chef I order food from {No Rep Meal Prep} had a contest for this sexy ass mixer and I won! So now I have a challenge to bake cookies for everyone this weekend with it–challenge accepted on this long weekend, bitches! I am so excited because I have always wanted one and I never could justify spending $350 on a mixer. So thank you Mary! I am so appreciative of you running this contest and pulling my name out of a hat 🙂

Now I need to plan my menu for the week–I am thinking chorizo eggs for breakfast, spaghetti bake but I am going to look for some new recipes. Don’t know what I am in the mood for, but I always love a new recipe. I am thinking something with cilantro. Who knows?

Keep it real everyone! Have a great Memorial Day weekend–I plan on sitting by the pool, sleeping and baking cookies!