Some People are Jerks

ex rudeI won’t go into too many details as to who this person is, but I had an interesting conversation with someone who also CrossFits in my life this week. CrossFit is one of the main things we have in common and since we don’t workout at the same box, we like to compare notes. We have talked about working out together and this week it seemed like it might happen. When I mentioned it to this person at first they were open to it but then when I mentioned having to modify the WOD a cloud went over their face and they said “I don’t know if I would go to a new box not being able to everything, I would be embarrassed.” I brushed that rude comment aside and said I wasn’t embarrassed about it {shit, even if I could run and jump I might still have to modify my WOD as I can’t do every movement}.

Then this person went on to say “well I don’t know what coach it will be, but most don’t like having their time monopolized by one person.” That’s when I started to get mad. I don’t monopolize the coaches time at my box. If I can’t do a movement we talk for maybe a minute about an alternative and then I workout with everyone. And it’s offensive for someone who has never worked out with me to assume I would do this. Fuck you, too. I replied politely saying I don’t monopolize the coaches time, that we find modifyers and move on.

Then they went on to say “well the WOD’s are intended to be done as written.” basically insinuating that if I don’t do the WOD as written, what is the point? If that is the case, then why does CrossFit Headquarters trumpet that Crossfit is scaleable? And since when did you turn into the WOD police? I’m sorry officer WOD, I won’t be working out prescribed today. Don’t banish me from CrossFit forever please! Sure I sweated and got a good workout in, but it wasn’t the one you intended for me, so I guess I can’t participate anymore. Forgive me!!! *rolls eyes*

I got the impression that this person would be embarrassed to workout with me not being able to run or jump and thus, when they called to see if I was going to go with them, I politely declined. When I did this, they said the icing on the rude fucking cake: “When are you getting your orthotics? It will be nice for you not to have an excuse not to run or jump anymore.” WHOAH. HOLY SHIT. And excuse yourself, because you are being an ignorant asshole. I am not faking this. I want to run and jump. My workouts are getting to the point where I need to increase the difficulty because they are not challenging enough. I feel my heel every. single. day. I do not have the luxury of being able to wear a shoe with good support at work and thus, when I am getting to my box in the evening my heel is already hurting. I am praying these orthotics will be the difference. But you don’t have to be an asshole and say to me that it’s an excuse. Because it isn’t. Heel injuries take a while to mend. And maybe you need to shut your mouth before saying something that ignorant.

I have been gracious and kind this week, but if this person tries to call or text me and make anymore rude comments to me next week, they will learn not to poke a bear.

2 thoughts on “Some People are Jerks

  1. This person truly is a Crossfit snob. The majority of cross fitters would commend you for keeping at it and finding ways or remaining active through your injury. This person is not a friend and doesn’t understand the Crossfit community, Crossfit is all-inclusive and we cheer every member, whether they do the WOD Rx or not. Screw this person. Don’t waste your breath on them and keep doing what you’re doing! Big hug!

  2. Ok, I clicked “like” but only cause there is no other option. It’s more of a show of support! You have an injury, but you are refusing to let that be a crutch. You are not letting that be an excuse to just stay home and eat ice cream. You are still getting to the box and putting an effort into the movements you can do!!! That in itself is a victory!! Injuries suck, but it’s about making your mind up to not let them overcome you. This person is an idiot. And karma is a bitch. It’ll bite them in the butt one day… Keep being awesome 🙂

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