Whole 30 {60} Week 3

ABM_1398001870This week has been interesting. I have struggled with chocolate cravings, been to a birthday party filled with temptation and been crazy hungry, even after I have eaten.

Going into week three is difficult. It’s not just that you get tired of the food, it’s also that you start to emotionally miss the foods you gave up. I remember this really well from the first time around. I made dirty cauliflower rice, tomato baked chicken and pizza spaghetti squash bake. The dirty rice turned out exceptionally well and I had it for breakfast and lunch. The annoying thing I found though, was that no matter how much I ate during my meals, I found myself ravenous at 4pm every day. And I was having the good at and a good chunk of protein! It seems to have calmed down over the weekend, but still, it was kind of annoying because I hadn’t planned, food-wise, for this.

This has also been the week of living around temptation. Robert brought home ice cream this week, brought home leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory and then we went to a birthday party yesterday where there was cake, cupcakes, ice cream, oreo balls and Mexican food {my favourite}. I was strategic–I ate before going to the party. I brought kombucha and a Lara bar. I didn’t crave the sugar but I missed participating in the eating of the cake. And I really wanted an oreo ball–it had peanut butter in it! I did get to kiss my husband after he ate it, so I got a tiny taste!

ex PRGoing into my 4th week, I am doing some old favourites for meal–slow cooker pulled pork chilli and slow cooker ribs. I also bought chorizo to put into my egg scramble. I have plenty of food in case I continue to be hungry after eating. Still no idea why that is happening. But I am not starving myself–I plan to eat if I get hungry!

It was also a really great week for workouts–I killed it in each one, got super sweaty and rowed a 2k meter row in 9:25!! This is epic for me because that is almost a full 2 minutes off my previous time back in September. I am thankful for help from my trainer Holly, as she has helped with my rowing technique. It feels nice, that even though I am not able to run or jump yet, I can still get a great and sweaty workout in.

Almost halfway!!