Celebrity Status

ABM_1397011834Had an interesting time last night at Longhorn Steakhouse–a place my husband and I love and is whole30 compliant when I order the right things, with specific rules. Well! My specifications have made me a mini celebrity within this restaurant. When the waitress came over to take our order I went first and apologized to her because I had questions and was going to be picky. First I wanted to know how the shrimp was cooked (in butter, thus a no-no) so I ordered my 8oz sirloin dry with green beans. The green beans are normally made with a mix of sundried tomatoes, olive oil and soybean oil. I have been able to get the kitchen to make the beans for me without the soybean oil in the past but when I order it the person taking the order usually looks at my like I am insane. Last night was a different story–the waitress took it in stride and let her manager know what I wanted. The manager came over, introduced herself and said she would make my beans herself to ensure the beans were cooked correctly. THEN! She had the kitchen manager come over and introduce himself so there would be two managers at the restaurant who would know my special needs and would make sure it is done correctly. When the food came out, the manager also brought me a small plate of veggies that she cooked with olive oil so that I could also try that and see if I wanted to order it in the future. Seriously, what amazing service. We even commented as we ate that we felt like celebrities and that I would be known as the Green Bean Lady. Who knew that going whole30 {60} would lead to me being treated so well at a restaurant? Longhorn Steakhouse, you have my business or good.

I also have to add that Robert ordered cheesecake for dessert and Eric ordered an apple torte with vanilla ice cream. At the beginning of the year this would have been torture. Last night it was practice for my future. Near the end I had to cover my nose with my hand to not smell the cinnamon and sugar, but I wasn’t tempted at all to have it. Making strides.

In other news, my bi-weekly chiropractic visit went well and I was told I need orthotics. GOOD TIMES. Can I just heal already??

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