Weekend Madness

ABM_1396727365First off, if you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet, go see it! I might have written a review about it located here. It was awesome.

This weekend I think I got a taste of Tiger Blood. I woke up ready to take on the day both Saturday and Sunday. Here is what I did over the weekend:

–          Went to the movies with Hayley

–          Went to 9am yoga class {learned doing yoga with my heel issues hurts}

–          Went grocery shopping

–          Went to lunch w the husband {Longhorn Steakhouse knows my food specifications and cooks me a delightful steak every time and seasons my veggies in a compliant way. #winning!}

–          Bought flowers and soil to re-do a flower bed with the husband

–          Tore out all the flowers in said garden

–          Went to the movies with the husband

yoga–          Made breakfast for the week whilst talking on the phone with my parents

–          Dug out more of the garden and placed bricks along its border—which took an hour and a half

–          Folded and put away 2 loads of laundry and put 2 more in the machines

–          Had Hayley and Eileen over and we made paleo BBQ sauce and ketchup

–          Finished the garden by planting 14 different plants

–          Made a stir fry for dinner

–          Went to the Rockets game {they won in overtime! Woot!}

Holy heck! Talk about a productive weekend! I anticipated being dead tired today but I am not. So weird. I am not used to being this productive on the weekend. I usually take a few hours to wake up, drink a coffee, watch some tv and surf the internet. Although the last 5 weeks I have been photographing the CorssFit Open, editing the pictures or doing the Warrior Dash, so maybe I have been busier than I thought I was. Either way, I am liking this, I feel like I got something accomplished, all while making the floors in my kitchen dirty. Yay….

Hope everyone had a great weekend and again—go see Captain America!!