Whole30 The Sequel – Week 1

This Whole30 the second time around is much better mentally. It’s not comparable from the first time. I have been making most of my meals the Whole30 way since my first go around, so now I am using the second time as an excuse to try new recipes. This week I went with my old faithfuls–slow cooked ribs, bison burgers, eggs with chorizo, salad, cauli-rice and green beans. I took the opportunity to try the ghee I bought a little bit ago, and that stuff is a deal changer! It smells and tastes just like butter. It makes my cauli-rice taste so good, it blows my mind. What else is new? More fruit. Not a ton, but more, everyday. Whether it’s applesauce, a banana or strawberries. I have some everyday and I enjoy its sweetness. Same thing with Kombucha. I have it a bit more often and it’s sweet and it feel like a treat.

ex whole30 expect

So, how am I doing with the timeline? I started to get tired earlier–I was yawning the first day. I had a bit of a headache day 2, but it passed pretty quickly. Yesterday, day 4, Kill All The Things hit, when I was at a FedEx and learned shipping a birthday card to Canada costs at minimum $42. I might have seen red and not sent that card out. And then I might have gotten really mad at myself in the car. Then today, at the movie theatre, I got upset at people who wouldn’t shift down so I could sit in a specific spot. Oh and all the drivers were epic assholes these past two days! Ha ha! I am hoping the anger will pass soon.

Tomorrow: I am on target to be super sleepy. Let’s see what happens, since my symptoms seem to be happening early this go around.

Also, trying a new recipe this week thanks to Hayley–apple arugula bison burgers. YUM!