Fascinating Findings

Yellow Measuring TapeThis morning I woke up and did something I was dreading—I measured myself. After 2 weeks of sugar craziness, I was worried about how much I had increased in size {my pants were fitting a wee bit more snug}. I am happy to report that I only went up 2.5 inches overall. My chest and thigh were the things that went up an inch. My hips and arms ½ an inch. My waist went down ½ an inch! So I am almost at the exact same starting point. AWESOME.

I would also like to add that this is fantastic because I have been injured for 4 weeks and was unable to workout for 1 of those weeks. I can dig it.

This makes me feel great about the trajectory of my Whole60. I also plan to put in a little bit of extra work at the gym, as the CrossFit Open illustrated a lot of weak points for me. Right now I plan to focus on getting better at lifting weight and building endurance. I am limited by my heel but I know I can still a lot of things without hurting it. I haven’t forgotten my goals that I made for 2014, I am just tweaking them a little.

VERDICT: Good start to my Whole60. Feeling good.