Another Whole30

ex whole30 againI have been planning to do my second Whole30 for a few weeks now. I am starting April 1st, and it’s actually going to be a Whole 60. Why 60 days? Because the first go around I was learning what life was like as someone who was without sugar and certain carbs that I loved. What happened afterwards was me coming to the realization that I did not love these foods as much as I had going into the Whole30. In fact I liked who I was without all the sugar and carbs in my system. I want to get back to that good feeling, as I have had a rough time lately with sugar, as you know. Everything else has been ok, it’s just been sugar.

This time Eileen and Hayley are doing it with me again {yay!} as well as my boss Linh, two co-workers NaTesha and Misty plus one of the coaches from my CrossFit, Katherine. I am going to help mentor my co-workers through their first one, giving them websites and recipe ideas. I am hopeful we will have our Sunday prep days again, as those fell off in March.

I am hoping, at the end of the 60 days, that I will have a much better  relationship with sugar and that I won’t fall back into my old trappings. I am also planning on doing a third Whole30 in August. I plan to do these possibly for the foreseeable future to help me keep my eating clean, to respect my body and to facilitate weight loss. I also know this will help my heel get better and get my weight training kicked into high gear. I would like to get to a weight where doing pull-ups and toes-to-bar are possible.

So look forward to future posts about new recipes and all my lovely anger issues that seem to come forward during the Whole30!