CrossFit Open 14.2

ex games 14 2Last week was empowering {and ultimately painful}. This week is the exact opposite. I am injured, and yes I have been cleared to workout if I don’t run or jump, but when I tried to do an overhead squat today at 45# I fell forward and tweaked my heel again. And really hurting myself for 1 point isn’t worth it to me. So I am going to score a 0 in this round.

Here is the thing, if you score a 0 in any of the 5 weeks you are automatically out. Well shit! I guess I skimmed over that part when I signed up. Oh well.

Does this mean I am going to stop doing the open WOD’s because I can’t officially input my score? Nope. If I can do it, I will. I am going to see if I can PR on other movements. And maybe next year I can get halfway through the open? Or finish it? I am really glad I did this, even if I got injured. That moment when I landed my first ever double under was euphoric and totally worth the pain–especially since my new chiropractor is mending me super fast and is teaching me how to respect my body better.

I will say this though, about the open–it is advertised as something that anyone can do. This first movement in 2014 were the double unders–a movement that is not mastered by everyone in crossfit and is polarizing. How can the open be advertised as something everyone can do and then make this the first movement? Why wasn’t it box jumps, burpees or deadlifts? Why did it start out that hard, especially considering of you score a 0 you are out? My reaction was subdued in comparison to others, but it does leave a bad taste in your mouth when you are told one thing and the programming tells you another thing. Personally, I think people might feel it is a waste of their registration fee and not come back nest year. I hope next year the games are more inclusive initially and progress in difficulty as the weeks go on. For me, I already won and I will be back for more.