Taking Care of Myself

ex iceLast weekend my masseuse told me to do a few things in order to help my Achilles heal {on a side note WTF Achilles! STOP HURTING. NOW.}. So this week I started doing the following:

  1. After my workouts I am rolling a small ball from each toe to my heel. This is not fun. This is crazy painful! But it also makes my heel feel better so I am cutting my losses and doing this.
  2. When I get home, I have to dip my leg into fucking freezing cold water for 5 minutes. Then wrap the same leg in a hot towel for another 5 minutes. I do this twice. I would prefer to roll my foot over the ball than do this, honestly. The cold water is awful!!! UGH Le detest.
  3. I have to spell the alphabet with each ankle every morning and night. I like this one, there is no pain associated with it.

I also decided to invest in my own jump rope today. I find that I am struggling just to finish 50 jump rope without the rope catching on my foot. And it is aggravating. I mean I haven’t gotten close to getting 1 double under. So I am hoping this is a step in the right direction.

Another lesson I learned this week? Always have something to eat an hour before working out. I didn’t do this Friday and holy heck, doing 53 pound thrusters sucked. I felt weak and I wished 5 thrusters in, that I had chosen a lower weight. I sucked it up, but damn. Food is important for a good workout!!