Hidden Benefits of the Whole30

ex whole30 successI thought my results from the Whole30 would be mainly gut-reaction based and surface symptoms, like breaking out on my face etc. A new and surprising effect that has happened has been in the muscles of my body. I went for my bi-weekly massage today and my body was a bit of a mess. 150 wall balls on Wednesday had made my quads super tight, plus I had been doing more standing and walking due to a big project at work and I had gone to Pearland CrossFit 4 times this week. I was sore. My Achilles was talking to me more and making running difficult.

The neat thing about this massage is that old issues {my hip and connecting tissues, my calves} were not a big issue this massage. Sure my quads needed more attention cause they were fried but my massage therapist was able to go deeper into my muscles and work on new {highly painful!!} things. He said that since the new year has started my muscles appear to be getting healthier and stronger. They are healing faster. He knows I was doing the Whole30 and we discussed how making the eating changes has had a positive effect on my muscles. This all translates into me becoming a stronger athlete and a healthier person inside and out.

I am even more incentivized to eat the Whole30 way. Not only does it keep my sugar dragon in-check it is making me into a well-oiled machine. I cannot speak more highly about how what you eat makes you exactly what you are.